• AVID College and Career Fair choices (may not duplicate)


    Higher Education Institutions (already used last year)

    1.     Auburn

    2.     Florida State

    3.     Georgetown

    4.     West Point

    5.     NYCDA

    6.     Cambridge

    7.     Stanford

    8.     UTK- will allow again this year

    9.     Cleveland Institute of Art

    10.  Univ. of Hawaii

    11.  UCLA

    12.  Strayer

    13.  Le Cordon Bleu

    14.  UT Vet School – will allow again this year

    15.  Tennessee Tech

    16.  Northeastern Univ.


    Already chosen this year

    1.     Julliard

    2.     Harvard

    3.     UTK

    4.     Univ of Miami

    5.     Alabama

    6.     Baylor

    7.     Michigan

    8.     Colombia

    9.     Vanderbilt

    10.  NYU

    11.  Towson College in Maryland

    12.  Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)

    13.  Duke


    Still need:

    -       PSTCC/ other community college

    -       Military College

    -       Online school

    -       Tech school

    -       Other?

    AVID students, Please take the following survey. Click on the following link: 
    How to check your grades online:
    Use your active directory username and login
    ex) username: s123455 
          password: CBMSBB
    6th grade AVID lite pennant project: 
    1. Read your assignment handout before beginning Project Here
    2. Create Cornell notes from the following article, "What are Pennants?" http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pennant and http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-pennants.htm
          a. Fill in headings on C-note template
          b. Topic: College Pennants
          c. Essential question (EQ): What are college pennants?
          d. Include highlights from the article. Skip lines between different subtopics: Definition, examples, why and when are they used, other
    3. Write a 3-4 sentence summary that answers your EQ in the "Summary" box at the bottom of the Cornell note template.
    4. See Ms. Barkow for teacher assignment, whose pennant that you will create.  
    5. You will access the college website and look for logos, lettering, school colors, crests, mascots, etc to include on your pennant. I suggest that you google the college also. You will see a visual of the university's crest on the upper right of the web search. 
    College website links:
    UTK (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)   http://utk.edu
    ETSU (East Tennessee State University) http://etsu.edu   Logo resource: http://www.etsu.edu/univrela/identity/logo_use.aspx
    Carson Newman University  http://cn.edu  University crest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carson-Newman_University
    Vanderbilt University  http://www.vanderbilt.edu/ 
    Westminster Choir College  http://www.rider.edu/wcc 
    Eastman School of Music  http://www.esm.rochester.edu/ 
    University of South Florida  http://www.usf.edu/ 
    LMU (Lincoln Memorial University)  http://www.lmunet.edu/