All students at CBMS will be provided with a positive and supportive learning environment where they have the opportunity to develop personally and academically.

    Students have the opportunity to: CBMS will provide for the students:
    *Strengthen creative thinking and
    problem solving skills.
    *A safe and supportive environment
    that respects every individual.
    *Investigate personal interests and
    develop intellectual curiosities.
    *A rigorous academic curriculum with 
    high expectations.
    *Collaborate effectively with others. *Opportunities to work independently
    and collaboratively.
    *Cultivate resourcefulness *Culturally rich and engaging learning
    *Exercise respect for self, others and
    the environment.
    *Parent and community engagement
    *Recognize their place in the community
    and the world.
    *Guidance in developing self-awareness,
    sense of purpose, and tenacity.
    *Overcome challenges and strive for
    academic excellence.

    *Become tolerant, compassionate,
    lifelong learners.


    We will....

    1. Maintain a climate of mutual respect that encompasses all members of the school community.  

    2. Provide an inviting classroom environment with clear expectations and specific academic ad behavioral goals.

    3. Collaborate with colleagues to apply proven, effective and rigorous classroom learning strategies and management practices to enhance student learning. 

    4. Enrich our learning environment to foster character development, intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and challenge our students to reach their full potential, both personally and academically.