• Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


    Bonny Kate’s School Counseling Mission Statement:


    The mission of the Bonny Kate School Counseling Program is to assist all students in their quest to become productive citizens and responsible, lifelong learners through their academic development, personal and social growth and career exploration.


    Bonny Kate’s School Counseling Vision Statement:


    As a result of Bonny Kate’s Counseling Program all students will be prepared  by the development of academic knowledge, career exploration, and personal/social growth to be lifelong learners who are productive, responsible citizens.


    Bonny Kate’s School Counseling Beliefs:

    1. I believe that ALL students can learn and achieve academic greatness when encouraged and nurtured in a respectful environment.
    2. I believe that nurturing ALL students social and emotional well-being will encourage academic development and future success.
    3. I believe the school counselor’s role is to provide a data driven, developmental counseling program to meet the needs of ALL students through a guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support.
    4. The school counseling program will promote the following: an understanding of and respect of self and others; problem-solving and decision-making; emotional-management skills; skills for learning; and the influence of academic habits on career success.