• Gifted & Talented: What We Do

    The Gifted/Talented Coaching Department is eager to share the many resources our GT Coaches have to offer students and classroom teachers. We have been hard at work creating resources and activities to help support classroom teachers meet the needs of our advanced learners. An emphasis is placed on student products and maintaining stimulating classroom environments with academic rigor for our advanced and gifted learners.

    When a gifted student whose intellectual ability and potential for achievement are so outstanding that their needs cannot be met in general education with accommodations met through the combined efforts of general education (enrichment, compacting, acceleration, grouping, independent study, advanced classes, supplemental learning materials, co-teaching, differentiated instruction), the student may receive special education services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in order to ensure Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

    Classroom teachers, Gifted and Talented Coaches, the Gifted and Talented Supervisor, Curriculum and Instruction Coaches, and department supervisors work closely to plan appropriate instruction for students as needed. Knox County Schools is committed to providing opportunities to nurture, challenge, and develop the potential of high ability students.

    Resources and texts used by the Gifted and Talented Coaches and during GT created lessons come from many different sources. Some of those sources include Newsela https://newsela.com and ReadWorks www.readworks.org.