• Halls High Yearbook
     Halls High School
    2021 Yearbook Staff

    The yearbook at Halls  High School is created by the Yearbook/Journalism class which meets during school, Monday through Friday. The students are chosen through a process of application and teacher recommendation. Students may apply during their sophomore year and will be on staff during their junior and senior years.

  • 2021 Staff Superlatives


    Best Death Stare 

    Elizabeth Williams

    Justin Bailey

    Second Mom/Dad

     Cheri Duncan

    Tim Reeves

    Best Socially Networked

    Brittany Housewright

    Gabe Surovey

    Most School Spirited

    Melissa Sandling

    Tucker Jackson

    Best Duo

    Morgan Hite and Kathyrn Griffin

    Most Likely to be Mistaken as a Student

    Savannah Harrison

    Chandler Wheat

    Tech Guru

    Trina Polston

    Eric Johnson

    Best Canvas Layout

    Brandi Hartsell

    Jason Cobb

    Mask Police

    Kim Hurst

    Jerry Lewis

    Clean Freaks

    Erika Neeley

    Eric Baumgardner

    Best Mask

    Carmen Jones

    Clint Sharp

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  • 2021 Senior Ads

    Parents and Seniors:

    Senior ad letters were mailed November 6, 2021.  Senior ads are due by November 30, 2021.  Below is the information that was mailed home.  Please email Mrs. Polston at trina.polston@knoxschools.org if you have questions or need assistance.

    Letter to Senior Parents:

    Tips for Senior Ads:

    Layouts for Senior Ads:

    Senior Ad Contract:

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    Contact Information

    Trina Polston
    Halls High School
    4321 Emory Road
    Knoxville, TN 37938
    (865) 925-7744

    Photography Company

    Lifetouch Studios

    Yearbook Company

    Herff Jones
    2525 Midpoint Drive
    Edwardsville, KS 66111
    (800) 255-6287 phone
    (913) 441-6729 fax