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    Visiting Spring Hill

    Spring Hill Elementary welcomes parents and guardians to visit with their children.  In order to provide a safe environment for students, it is important that each visitor stops by the office and signs in.  This includes visiting in the building prior to the start of the school day or after students have been dismissed.  Spring Hill staff members are trained to alert the school office when someone is in the halls without one of the bright orange visitor badges.  Please help us by signing in each time you visit in the building. 

    In order to maintain a climate conducive to learning, we ask that you respect each day's instructional time.  This means that classroom teachers will not be able to meet with you during school hours unless you have a scheduled appointment.  To obtain an appointment, please call the school office at 594-1365.  You are welcome to visit in your child's classroom.  Please arrange this time with your child's teacher twenty-four hours in advance.  Visits should last one hour or less.   In order to maintain the focus on learning, visits may occur a maximum of once each nine weeks.    We invite you to be a part of the educational day for your child because when we all work together as a team, your child is more successful.