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    School Attendance Policy

    The Knox County Board of Education Attendance Policy is as follows:

    • Students are considered present when they have been at school for more than half the school day.  Students must be present a minimum of three hours and fifteen minutes.
    • Students may be excused from school for up to ten days for the following reasons: 
      1. Personal illness
      2. Death in the family (Obituary Required)
      3. Illness in the family that temporarily requires help from the child
      4. Recognized religious holiday regularly obersved by persons of the student's faith.  (This must be a recognized holiday or a statement on church letterhead is required.)
      5. Verifiable family emergency
    • For each absence from school, a written note stating the reason for the absence must be sent to school within five days of the child's return to school.  After five days, the absence will be unexcused.  Each student is allocated up to ten school days that will be excused by a parent note.  After being absent from school due to illness, a doctor's note will be required for each additional absence.

    Knox County has in place a truancy initiative in cooperation with the Knox County Court system.  On the occasion of the fifth unexcused absence from school, a report is filed.  If the student accumulates additional unexcused absences from school, additional consequences will occur.  Truancy is considered a serious matter in the Knox County School system and is monitored closely by the office of the Attorney General.