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    Students may begin arriving at Spring Hill at 7:10 am as supervision is provided at that time.  Students may not be dropped off at school prior to 7:10 am.  Students will report to the gymnasium or to the cafeteria for breakfast.  


    School-wide dismissal will begin at 2:45 pm.  Students will be dismissed to their cars from the various pick-up stations noted by the numbered signs.  This pick-up area will be monitored until approximately 3:00pm.   After 3:00pm, parents and guardians will need to sign the students out in the front office.  If your child rides a bus, please plan to be at the bus stop five minutes before your child gets off at his/her bus stop.

    We ask the parents/guardians follow the following procedures for dismissal to insure the safety of our students:
    1. If you must change the way your child goes home, please do this in writing.  We cannot take changes via phone or email.
    2. A students is considered a "Walker" if they walk from their home to school and vice versa.
    3. Students who are car riders must be picked up through the car rider line.  We will not be dismissing students to parents who walk up to the building.  This causes confusion at dismissal.
    4. Early dismissals should occur before 2:15 p.m.


    Students who walk home will be dismissed at 2:45 pm.  Please be aware that Spring Hill Elementary does not have a Crossing Guard.  Parents should be at cross streets to ensure student safety as they cross.

    Arrival and Dismissal Traffic Flow

    Guidelines and procedures have been established, which allow students to arrive at school and be dismissed from school in a safe and orderly manner.  In the mornings and in the afternoons we use a single line of cars.  During arrivals and dismissals, cars use the westbound lane of Mildred Drive.  This is the lane of Mildred Drive that runs from Spring Hill Rd. to the school.  When exiting the main parking lot, only right turns are permitted.  Please remember that students can only be dropped off in the designated spots, as these are the only places with adult supervision. 


    • In the mornings, if you need to park and come into the school, please use one of the side parking lots.  When the flow of cars has to stop in order to allow cars to back out of spaces in the front lot, the entire process slows down for everyone.  During arrival and dismissal times, the front parking lot will not be available to parents.
    • For morning drop-offs, the bus circle is only open for buses and day care vehicles.  
    • To speed up the afternoon dismissal process, each student is provided a car tag that has his/her name printed on it.  Please display this on the front driver's side of your car.  The best location is the side driver window.  It is critical that a car tag be displayed in your car everyday.  If you need additional car tags for other adults who occasionally pick-up your child, we will be glad to provide these.  In the afternoon, student pick-ups are only allowed from the car circle.  No afternoon pick-ups are allowed from the bus circle, the side parking lots, or the street.  Please remember that these guidelines are established for the safety of all students.