Bearden Cross Country Awards!

    Bearden Cross Country held their end of season awards party last week.  It should come as no surprise that Cade C. and Kate R. were named the Top Runners.  Both were #1 on the team all season, and they were two of the best runners in our whole region and in the state.

    The Most Improved Runner awards went to Oliver S. and Jadyn N.  They had the highest percentage improvements in time from the first race to Regionals, and both improved even more at State.

    The Young Talent awards, given to new runners showing great potential to be future stars, went to Nicholas B. and Audrey Z.  Nicholas was the #2 runner for the boys all season, and Audrey was our top 6th grader at Regional and State.


    Two Bearden runners earn All-State honors! 

    Two weeks ago Bearden’s cross country boys and girls raced in the Regional Championships. With Kate R. winning the girls’ race and Cade C. taking 2nd for the boys, the girls’ team placed 2nd and the boys placed 5th, qualifying both the girls and boys for State.

    The State Championships were held this past Saturday at Victor Ashe Park.  It was a cool cloudy day, a PR day.  We needed some special runs from our varsity girls to place well as a team, and we got them.   The average time for the top 5 girls was 13:53 at State.  Compare that to 14:17 at Regional, and you know the girls ran well.  Kate R. earned All-State honors finishing 11th.  Olivia G., Maggie D., Emory T., Olivia Katherine K., Lindsey W., and Mazie M. backed her up with some huge improvements, carrying the girls to 6th place out of 29 teams, an excellent performance for a State meet.  Huge shout out to Olivia Katherine who ran nearly a minute per mile faster than her previous race….outrageous!!

    Similar deal for our boys in needing some exceptional performances, and we got some good ones.  Cade C. knocked off 22 seconds from Regionals to get 6th place overall, collect an All-State trophy, and be the #1 runner from our region. Nicholas B., Sabry H., Jackson L., Oliver S., Charlie G., and Isaac H. all ran as fast or faster than at Regionals.  The boys were 5th at Regionals, but they were the 4th best team from our region at State.

    The JV races were full of personal bests too.

    In the girls’ race Audrey Z. grabbed a trophy with a 14th place finish.  Our JV girls, partly thanks to Marguerite M., Riley H., Lisa F., and Millie L. finishing within seconds of each other, took 5th place and will add a plaque to the Bearden XC trophy case.  They were followed in by Hattie G., Anna Corinne W., Jadyn N., and Isabel H.  A big shout out to Jadyn for running a personal best by more than 2 minutes!  Stunning! 

    The boys in the JV race came through with some unbelievable improvements.  Carter Z. was our top boy in the race, and he took 3:26 off his time from Regional.  Edwin F. knocked off 3:04, and Will H. took another 2:50 off his best time for the course.  Mahdi A. dropped his PR by 2:25, and Henry C. was 1:02 faster.  

    We expected some good races, but holy cow! 


    Bearden cross country laps Leisure Island!

    Bearden’s cross country runners traveled to Leisure Island – Forks of the River for their 5th and final regular season race on 9/24 evening.  The course, the longest of the season, required a lap around the island followed by a shorter lap around a pond to the finish.  Bearden’s runners were not out for a leisurely stroll – they blitzed the course with more than 75% of the team setting personal records or season’s bests.

    Emory T. and Olivia G. led the way for the girls finishing 8th and 10th respectively.  Lindsey W., Maggie D., and Audrey Z. claimed ribbons at 18th, 24th, and 33rd out of 279 runners.  Mazie M. and Olivia Katherine K. closed out the top 7, followed in by a Bearden pack consisting of Anna Corinne W., Huitzy S., Jadyn N., Marguerite M., Millie L., Isabel H., Riley H., Hattie G., and Lisa F.  The girls finished a convincing 2nd out of 21 full teams.

    The boys were so pumped to race they almost false-started.  Cade C. cruised to victory with the only real question being whether he could catch the “man-on-the-bike”.  Nicholas B. and Jackson L. earned ribbons at 15th and 39th out of 341 runners. Sabry H., Charlie G., Cade A., and Isaac H. accounted for the rest of the top 7.  Zipping around the pond behind them were Carter Z., Oliver S., Ned S., Will H., Ren F., Nyle F., and Edwin F.  Multiple PRs carried the boys to their best placing of the year, 4th out of 26 full teams.

    Excellent outing for our runners!  Next up is the Regional Championship meet on Saturday October 5that Victor Ashe Park.  


    Bearden runners battle beast at Melton Hill!

    The cross country course at Melton Hill Park is known for having a beast of a hill and may be the most challenging course we run all season.  Bearden runners battled the Beast on Tuesday ((9/17) evening and very nearly had the top finisher in both the boys’ and girls’ races.

    Kate R. was near the front from start to finish and missed 1st place by just two tenths of a second.  Olivia G. kicked into the top 10, Maggie D. and Lindsey W. were in the ribbons, and Audrey Z., Marguerite M., and Mazie M. rounded out Bearden’s top seven.  Marguerite moved up big time from last race.  Racing in behind her to chants of “Not today!” were Lisa F., Hattie G., Riley H., Olivia Katherine K., Millie L., Jadyn N., Huitzy S., and Anna Corinne W.  The girls’ team finished 3rd out of 22 full teams, four points out of 2nd.

    Because this was a tough course, the coaches did not expect to see many personal bests, but four of the top five Bearden boys and seven overall had their best races.  It’s rare that you see a top runner drop more than a couple of seconds per mile, but Cade C. went more than 10 seconds per mile faster on this course and out-dueled his nemesis to claim victory.  Nicholas B. dashed to 13th place with Sabry H., Jackson L., Charlie G., Isaac H., and Oliver S. on his heels.  Putting in some gritty performances behind them were  Mahdi A., Henry C., Edwin F., Nyle F., Ren F., Will H., Ned S., and Carter Z.  As a team the boys moved up to 5th out of 25 full teams.

    Great job team!  Keep up the good work!


    Bearden Girls Handle Heat Delay Handily!

    It was hot at the Sevierville Baptist cross country course on Tuesday (9/10/19) night.  So hot that the girls’ race was delayed 30 minutes in hopes that it would cool off a bit.  When the race finally took off, the Bearden girls turned the heat up on the competition.

    Kate R. powered through the second half of the course and was a close second to the race winner.  Emory T., Maggie D., and Lindsey W. also finished in the ribbons with Audrey Z., Mazie M., and Olivia Katherine K. wrapping up the team scoring.  Anna Corinne W., Huitzy S., Jadyn N., Marguerite M., Isabel H., Riley H., Hattie G., and Lisa F. cruised in behind them.  The girls collectively set 10 season’s or personal bests and were 3rd out of 20 complete teams.

    The Bearden boys were primed for an outstanding race, but thunder and lightning moved in, causing the boys’ race to be cancelled. The boys' and girls’ teams will both be back in action at Melton Hill Park next Tuesday.


    Bearden Cross Country Races ‘round the Lake!

    The Bearden cross country team ran their second meet of the season at Cove Lake State Park on Thursday (9/5/19) evening.  It was a beautiful evening for a run on a nice course along the lake with a tunnel, and our runners looked good out there.

    The girls, in spite of missing two of their top runners, showed once again that they will be a top team this season.  Fourteen of 16 girls were in the top half of the race, and five were “in the ribbons”.  Kate R. led the team, finishing 4th out of 268 runners.  Maggie D. and Millie C. were top 20, Lindsey W. 25th, and Mazie M. 33rd.  Audrey Z. and Olivia Katherine K. rounded out the top seven with Lisa F., Hattie G., Riley H., Ella H., Isabel H., Millie L., Marguerite M., Jadyn N., and Anna Corinne W. following them to the line.  The girls were 3rd out of 21 complete teams.

    Overall the boys ran well but collected fewer ribbons than the girls.  Cade C. was in a battle at the front and finished 2nd out of 336 runners.  Nicholas B. erased last week’s finish with a strong 15th place showing.  Topping off the front seven were Sabry H., Carter Z., Cade A. Charlie G., and Isaac H.  Not far behind them were Mahdi A., Henry C., Edwin F., Nyle F., Ren F., Will H., Ned S., and Oliver S.  The boys held onto 7th as a team out of 25 full teams.

    Congratulate our runners for a job well done! Next meet is Tuesday September 10th at First Baptist Church in Sevierville.


    It is CROSS COUNTRY time in Tennessee!

    Based on Saturday’s (8-31-19) results at Neyland Stadium, it may not be football time in Tennessee yet.  But based on Saturday’s (8-31-19) results at the Victor Ashe Park Fall Classic cross country meet, it sure is cross country time!  Our Bearden runners got their first taste of competition against nearly 600 runners from other teams, and they rose to the occasion.

    The Bearden girls performed about as expected.  That is to say – they were good!!  Kate R. ran a terrific race, near the front all the way and racing down the homestretch to capture a trophy at 2nd place overall.  Olivia G. and Emory T. claimed two more trophies at 9th and 10th.  Maggie D., Millie C., Lindsey W., and Audrey Z. topped off the top seven for the team.  Following close behind were Riley H., Marguerite M., Lisa F., Olivia Katherine K., Anna Corinne W., Isabel H., Hattie G., Millie L., Jadyn N., and Ella H.  The girls were strong enough to finish 2nd out of 20 full teams.

    Cade C. led the boys, and not just the Bearden boys.  Cade led the entire field and won the race outright with the fastest ever time for a Bearden boy on the Victor Ashe course, 11:53 for 2.1 miles.  Do the math – that is fast!  Nicholas B., Jackson L., Sabry H., Charlie G., Carter Z., and Henry C. completed the team scoring for Bearden with Cade A. Nyle F., Ren F., Oliver S., Edwin F., and Will H. chasing them in.  The boys placed 7thout of 24 full teams.  

    Congratulations to our runners for a great effort!

    Full results can be found at:


    Congratulations to the following BMS artists for having their art accepted to the Tennessee Valley Fair Student Art Exhibition on September 6-15, 2019!
    Jaida P, Abbigail R, Emily F, Whitney B (1st place winner for 8th grade), Lulu S (1st place winner for 6th grade) and Sydney L (3rd place winner for 6th grade).
    There will be an awards reception at 6 p.m. and presentation 6:30 p.m. on Monday, September 9th.
    Please contact Mr. Weininger with questions at mike.weininger@knoxschools.org
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