Surplus Old Electronic Equipment

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    Old equipment can be hard to give up, but once the decision is made, what should you do with it?

    If the equipment was purchased with Special Ed funds, contact Kellie Edington ( before you surplus anything.

    Old handhelds or iPods should be boxed and sent in school mail to "Micki Daniel PDTC-Mail Route 40."
    iPads can NOT be sent to surplus. Please box up any unused or broken iPads and send to Computer Repair at Knox Central with attention to Bob Green. 

    Old computers should be clearly labeled "Surplus" and placed on the school mail truck. If you have a large number of computers, you will need to contact maintenance via SchoolDude, Maintenance Direct (not IT Direct) for a special truck service.

    Give special attention to Printers....All inkjet printers should be surplused when they are no longer useful in your building. Contact Bob Green (see contact information below) for any laser printer that is no longer useful in your building. Email him with the make/model of the laser printer in question. He will respond with whether to surplus or not and with directions.

    If there is a possibility that the equipment you are sending to surplus might be useful for parts or used by another schools, please send an email to Bob Green ( or Billy Ellis ( Indicate the type and the quantity of equipment in question.

    Please do not give away or otherwise dispose of surplus equipment. It MUST be sent to to surplus!