About PLE Schools

  •  As Personalized Learning Environment schools,  we are committed to the concept of a creating a technology-supported personalized learning environment to meet every student’s individual instructional needs.  We believe in the following:

    • teachers planning and facilitating activities and experiences that allow students to be doing, making, creating, experimenting, asking questions, and revising work
    • the use of inquiry to support student driven instruction with real-world applications
    • creating flexible learning environments that support student collaboration and problem solving
    • using assessments to inform students, teachers, and parents of needed interventions or enrichments to ensure that all students are college and/or career ready
    • utilizing technology to level the playing field for all students to reach their potential 

How did we get here?

    Knox County Schools began a 1:1 initiative in 2011 with the opening of the L&N STEM Academy.  This magnet high school was the pilot program for personalized learning in Knox County.  With 1:1 technology, L&N STEM Academy successfully integrated the curriculum and developed project based instruction transforming the learning environment for its students.  This success encouraged others to explore opportunities to bring 1:1 technology to their schools.
    In 2013, Knox County Schools issued the School Technology Challenge in order to select a pilot group of schools that would implement a 1:1 technology initiative supporting personalized learning environments.  In order to be included in the pilot group, schools underwent a rigorous application process that required intense planning, staff preparation, and the desire to expedite better outcomes for students through personalized learning.  The following 11 schools were originally chosen:
    2011 Cohort
    • L&N STEM Academy
    2013 Cohort
    • Bonny Kate Elementary
    • Corryton Elementary
    • Halls Elementary
    • Mooreland Heights Elementary
    • Norwood Elementary
    • Sterchi Elementary
    • Holston Middle
    • Vine Middle Magnet
    • West Valley Middle
    • Bearden High
    • South Doyle High
    2014 Cohort
    • Green Magnet Academy
    • West Haven Elementary
    • Austin-East Magnet High
    • Career Magnet Academy
    2015 Cohort
    • Bearden Middle
    • Carter Middle
    • South-Doyle Middle
    • Fulton High 
    2016 Cohort
    • Chilhowee Intermediate
    • East Knox Elementary
    • West View Elementary
    • Whittle Springs Middle 

    2017 Cohort

    • Beaumont Magnet Academy
    There have been many lessons learned since the School Technology Challenge began.  We will continue to grow and learn, but what is best for students is always at the the forefront of our thinking and planning.


Where are we going?

  • As part of the Knox County Schools Strategic Plan, personalized learning is a way to ensure that we reach every child.  While many of our schools have implemented a 1:1 technology initiative model that best suits their school, we know that it isn't about the technology.  In PLE schools, technology is a tool that offers students opportunities to be more actively involved in the learning process.  Active, student-centered learning is how we change the culture of our classrooms to create Personalized Learning Environments.  
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