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    Marty Sonnenfeldt – Founder, Knoxville Youth Athletics, All-SEC Track and Cross Country, NCAA National
    Championships qualifier – Track and Cross Country – University of Tennessee. Coach of numerous youth,
    elementary, middle and high school track / cross country teams and athletes in Knoxville over the past 35
    years. Complete Bio click HERE

    Contact Information:
    865-304-8381 / martysonnenfeldt@gmail.com

    Daniel Sonnenfeldt – Former Collegiate Distance Runner – East Tennessee State University, Coach KYA
    Competitive Track Program and Post Season Cross Country Program. Member of 2010 Hardin Valley
    Academy’s State Championship cross-country team.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic practices will be modified in order to comply with Knox County Schools
    and Knox Country Health Departments guidelines and recommendations for return to safe practice.
    Complete guidance can be found on the COVID-19 PRACTICE GUIDELINES

    Athletes will not be allowed to participate in summer practice without a completing a detailed online
    evaluation form. Parents must also complete the parents contact form prior to first practice
    Athlete Evaluation Form, click HERE.
    Parent Contact Form, clcik HERE.

    Remember. Successful cross-country seasons are built in the summer.
    We will start practice – Wednesday, June 10
    M, W, F – 7:30 - 9 AM
    M – Victor Ashe Park – Large Picnic Pavilion
    W – Cherokee Blvd – Parking Lot closest to Scenic Dr. – Field next to Playground
    F – Cherokee Farms – CF is located across from UT hospital off of Alcoa Hwy. We will meet in the
    amphitheater below the parking lot and large office. Google Map Link.

    Optional Sunday Long Runs – 7:30 AM locations TBD


    From June 22 – July 3, coaches will be unable to have contact with athletes due to
    the TSSAA mandated dead period. We will resume practice on the Summer Schedule on July 6. All athletes
    will have training schedules that will take them through this period so they should not miss a step when they
    return July 6. The summer schedule will continue through July with a switch to practices that align more
    closely with school season practices in August.

    We have been searching for a summer cross-country camp for the team to go to however with COVID-19 it
    does not look it will happen this summer. Too many camps have shut down while others are not able to
    guarantee that they will be operational in July and August. There is a chance we might be able to pull
    something together locally but we have not finalized this. More info to come.

    Once school starts – August 10, practices will be held after school from 3:45 thru 5:30 PM, M-F. Athletes will
    meet at the track and change in the track/cc locker rooms (pending any COVID-19 restrictions). There will
    also be Sunday group runs that take place at various locations surrounding Knoxville. Most athletes will
    have a day (or two) off in their schedules depending on what stage of development they are in. These days
    will be marked on their training schedule. Remember physicals / insurance fees, school activities fees are
    due prior to the first official start of the season 7/27/20.

    Practice will not be held on days that school is not in session.

    Practice Cancellation – Practices will not be cancelled unless you / parents are informed by noon the day of
    the practice. In the case of inclement weather during practice we will wait under secure cover or in the locker
    rooms until the weather has passed or athletes have been picked up after practice. Note: Rain (even heavy
    rain) is not a reason to cancel practice – we WILL be running.


    Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions and activity (T-shirt / Shorts / athletic
    shoes). Private water bottles are required for practice. I would suggest going to your local cycling shop to
    buy them. Water is for prior and during practice. Specialized Fluid replacement drinks are for after practice.

    $ 150.00 made payable to West High School. Fees are due before official school practice starts – 8/10/20.
    $150.00 covers your all of your meet entry fees and travel to the State Meet. Fees can be brought to

    The KCS Insurance fee is $60.00 and is payable to West High School (by 8/10/20). Fees can be brought to
    practice. Remember athletes are not covered during the summer practice period. ***Please write separate
    checks for insurance and activities fees***

    You must have a physical prior to starting practice. The cost for such is the responsibility of the parent.
    Please return your physicals form to Marty Sonnenfeldt. Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic will usually host a days
    of physicals ($10.00) for student athletes, the dates of which will either be July 13 th or the 20 th . An email will
    be sent out to confirm which date. If you have had a physical dated after April 18 th it will suffice for the
    summer, otherwise another will need to be taken and filled out. Please use the following PHYSICAL FORMS.

    Due to budget constraints will be using the same uniform that was worn during the track season. These
    uniforms will be checked out prior to our first meet and must be returned at the end of the season. There is
    no cost for this unless you lose your uniform.

    I have high hopes for West High School Cross Country. Part of realizing those hopes is the make sure that
    our student athletes do not lack for competitive opportunities and have the proper equipment and amenities
    to make their season memorable. That said, our budget needs some work. We are going to have to step
    on the fund raising gas in order to meet some of the goals I have set for the program. I have a non-
    traditional strategy to achieve those goals. Please take some time to review the fund raising link to see how
    you can help. I am ready to roll up my sleeves to make this a reality and prepared to do the lions share of
    the work but I will need your help. FUNDRAISING OUTLINE.


    Athletes are expected to be respectful to their fellow teammates, coaches and officials. Coaches
    will not tolerate misbehavior. When coaches and officials speak athletes are expected to remain silent so
    that important instructions can be heard. Following instructions during practice is important from the
    standpoint of learning the sport as well as safety. Those participants who repeatedly misbehave in practice
    will be asked to leave the program.

    Parent and Participant Meet Etiquette – For some attending a cross-country meet will be an entirely new
    sporting experience. That said there are certain do’s and don’ts that should be followed during the course of
    a meet from the parent / spectator standpoint and also the athlete standpoint. We expect both to be followed
    by our team. Remember no matter how much you want to take an action shot of your child; being on the
    course is an impediment to the competition. You would not be able to run onto the middle of the football
    field, half court or home plate to take a picture during a game – the same holds true for a cross-country meet.
    The field of play is no place for parents, coaches and spectators to be. Lets respect the sport. Parents, I
    want you to support and cheer for your kids at the meets. However once they arrive at the meet site you
    become a cheerleader, not assistant coach. Take a step back; let them deal with the inherent pre-race
    jitters, forgotten items and race prep. Leave the rest to the coaches.

    Last but certainly – NOT LEAST. Every athlete on the team is a Student first – Athlete second. Your
    responsibility to be the best student you can be is paramount to your success in the future. There are
    expectations you will need to meet in the classroom in order to be a part of the team eligibility wise. Those
    will be reviewed with you once school starts. I will expect every athlete to take this seriously.

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  • 2020 SCHEDULE
    The 2020 season schedule is below. Please be advised that this is a very tentative schedule and is
    subject to change with regards to COVID-19 restrictions at the time.
    9/5 - Victor Ashe Park Fall Classic
    9/12 Cherokee Classic - Cherokee Blvd
    9/17 Johnson U Invitational - tentative
    10/3 Jesse Owens Classic - Danville, AL
    10/10 KIL/Cherokee Invitational  - Cherokee Blvd
    10/20 Ashe Park or Cherokee Farms - tentative 
    10/29 Region - Victor Ashe Park
    11/07 State - Percy Warner Park - Brentwood TN
    11/20 – On/KYA 3200 Time Trial
    11/28 – Footlocker South Regional – Charlotte NC
    Meets marked in red are post season meets that are not part of the West High Schedule but Knoxville Youth
    Athletics post season cross country program. While it is not required to partake in the post season I would
    recommend it as a way to further your cross-country experience. Specific meet start times / directions, etc.
    will be provided to you as we get closer to the season.
    Our current budget only provides funds for group travel to the state meet with the current program fees. It is
    our goal to significantly increase the budget but you should be prepared to transport your athlete to the
    meets on the schedule. The Jesse Owens meet is our only out of state excursion. Additional information,
    travel fees and travel information


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