• Here is a tentative schedule of what we will be learning during our Classroom Guidance Lessons!

    BONUS: This year you can review any of our lessons through the School Counselor Canvas page! (COMING SOON!)


    Lesson 1: Meet the School Counselor

    Lesson 2: Monster Feelings (Part 1)

    Lesson 3: Monster Feelings (Part 2)

    Lesson 4: Emotional Check-in/Choice day

    Lesson 5: Personal Safety 

    Lesson 6: K (Tattling)      1st-2nd (Problem Sizes Part 1) 

    Lesson 7: K (Kindness)    1st-2nd (problem Sizes Part 2)

    Lesson 8: Communication (Respect)

    Lesson 9: Honesty (Trustworthiness)


    ***Lessons will be added/or changed throughout the school year based on the needs of the students