• VIRTUAL STUDENTS 1st Grade Supply List


    Headphones (not earbuds) – preferably with microphone

    2 boxes – 24 count crayons

    2 black fine point dry erase markers

    1 dry erase eraser or clean sock (I will provide the board)

    12 sharpened pencils (and access to a supervised pencil sharpener)

    1 school box – no zippers

    1 pair fiskar scissors

    2 large glue sticks

    1 rectangular eraser


    Supplies needed upon return to in person school for second semester:


    Backpack – no wheels

    2 additional boxes – 24 count crayons

    2 additional large glue sticks

    1 additional rectangular eraser

    1 pkg baby wipes

    1 roll paper towels


    Suggested but not required:


    Stylus for touchscreen Chromebook