• VIRTUAL STUDENTS Kindergarten Supply List:

    Fiskar metal blunt scissors (not plastic, not pointed) 3-4 Jumbo glue sticks
    Crayola washable fat markers
    1 plastic pencil box

    2 boxes Crayons 24 ct (No jumbo crayons)
    12 Sharpened pencils
    Pencil sharpener (only used with supervision)
    Headphones (suggested to have a set with a microphone but not mandatory) (No earbuds) 2 black dry erase markers

    1 dry erase eraser or old sock
    1 plastic folder with prongs
    Items needed upon returning to Face to Face classroom in Jan. Backpack (no wheels)
    1 plastic folder with prongs
    2 additional boxes of crayons
    4 additional glue sticks
    1 small box of Band-Aids
    1 roll of paper towel
    Boys: 1 package of unscented baby wipes
    Girls 1 box of quart size Ziploc bags

    Suggested but not required

    Stylus for touchscreen Chromebook