• Covid-19 Update #8 (7/7/2020)

    Parents and students,

    This is Executive Principal Tim Berry, with a few quick updates.

    We are working with the superintendent to finalize plans for the start of school. He hopes to unveil this plan on July 15th and I will follow with specifics for South-Doyle High School once he has addressed all families. This is a very challenging time and the health & safety of everyone involved is being taken into consideration on every decision. It is our hope that we have plans to address many of the concerns you must consider before sending your children back. Some of these plans are easier than others and some are extremely challenging, but will take us all working together to pull it off.

    Also, the yearbooks have just arrived for all who ordered during the school year. We have quickly organized a distribution day for tomorrow Wednesday, July 8th from 9 AM - 12 PM. We will have another distribution day on Wednesday, July 15th from 9 AM – 12 PM. For any homes with a senior who just graduated, your diploma has also arrived and can be picked up during those same dates and times. Location of the distribution will be between Main Building A and the auditorium.

    Please continue to enjoy what is left of your summer and I hope to get you more information as it develops.

    Grace and peace be with you all!