• Graduation Update #1 (5/26/2020)

    Good evening senior parents & students,

    This is Tim Berry with an important update about graduation and other important reminders.

    Reminder, we will be holding commencement on Tuesday, June 9th @ 7 p.m. at the South-Doyle High Football Field. If we have to post-pone due to poor weather, we will be rescheduled for June 17th or June 20th, so let’s hope for great weather.

    Graduation Tickets

    As everyone knows, graduation is restricted to the graduate and up to four guests. Tickets will be available for pickup on Friday, June 5th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. The graduate or parent / guardian are the only individuals who can sign out the tickets. Please bring your photo ID so we can copy for our records. I will have all of final details needed about graduation, in the envelope with the tickets.

    Streamed Live / Recorded Copies

    The ceremony will be streamed live for guests and that web address you can add to your invitations is knoxgrads.com. Again, we will be recording the ceremony and providing a copy to each graduate later in the summer.

    Caps / Gowns

    Not all students have picked up their caps and gowns, so please continue to take care of payments or pickups from the guidance we have sent in previous messages. If you have experienced a financial hardship, please contact Karla Mikels or Sonja Wood and see how we may be able to help.

    Handicap Accessibility

    Not knowing all of our audience can be complicated when making sure we are trying to meet social distancing guidelines and ensuring our facilities have clear handicap accessibility. If you or a loved one is attending graduation and will need handicap seating, please email Sherry Beeler (sherry.beeler2@knoxschools.org), so she can reserve a great place that meets your needs and greet you upon arrival.


    While we have been off, our stadiums are much dirtier than normal. If I have any parents willing to do any pressure-washing to clean those facilities prior to graduation, it would be a huge help to me. Feel free to respond to the email which will come to me. I have two great pressure washers ready to use.

     Photo Opportunities (3)

    • Thursday, May 28th (2:00 PM – 7:00 PM) – I will open up campus for students to get pictures on the athletic fields and areas around campus. We just cannot open the buildings at that time.
    • Friday, June 5th (12:00 PM – 5:00 PM) – There should be more areas of campus decorated (rock, signage, etc) at that time.
    • Tuesday, June 9th (Post-Graduation) – We will leave campus open for approximately one hour to capture those final moments before departure.



    We received word today the yearbook company is back to production and the shipping date to us is June 18th. I will set a date for pick up a little closer to that time.


    I held out as long as I possibly could, but it is with a heavy heart I have to say that Knox County will not be sponsoring or holding Proms for any of their high schools in 2020. We had hoped the COVID restrictions would be relaxed enough to plan in June, but that is not the case. Again, I know the importance of Prom to many of our students and I am sorry we could not deliver for them. Other high schools in the county have parents or community groups organizing a Prom type event and I imagine the same is being planned by some in South-Knoxville as well. Please know these are not school-sponsored events, so I cannot speak to them.

    All of this information can be found on our school web-site, including previous info about dress, arrival times and diplomas.

    Grace and peace be with you all!