• Covid-19 Update #7 - Seniors (5/12/2020)

    Senior Parents and Students,

    This is Tim Berry with another round of updates and reminders.

    Tonight would have been your big night for graduation and I want to express how sorry I am this special ceremony has been delayed for another day. I was also very disappointed in some of the decisions surrounding our future graduation restrictions, given the time span is months away, but I am thankful the superintendent and his staff are exploring modifications to what was announced last week. I am meeting with district leaders on Thursday to show my plans for how we could hold a ceremony on our football field with limited guests and still meet social distancing guidelines.

    Senior Supplies

    We distributed about half of our graduation supplies on Monday and will have our final distribution on Wednesday, May 13th from 1:00-2:30 PM. Please check the school web-site to make sure your name is on the list and your supplies are available for pick up. Reminder, if you still have a balance, it will not be available for pick up. We are not allowed to do financial transactions at school at this time, so go to www.balfourtnva.com to pay your balance online.

    Senior Parade

    Currently I am finalizing plans for a Senior Parade on campus to honor our graduates again. By tomorrow afternoon, most everyone will have their caps and gowns and I would like to flip the lights on all of our facilities, decorate our cars and bring all of our graduates back on campus for a more organized parade to recognize seniors. The approved date for this event will be June 12th, so mark your calendars and I will give you more details next week.


    There are a few schools, including us that are still holding out, but in all honesty, I am losing the battle. I know there are a few parents who are coming up with a Plan B for our kids, which you know I cannot sanction or advocate, but I certainly understand. I just ask that you continue to show patience until I absolutely have to say NO to prom. This event is very special for our faculty and staff too, so I am going to continue to battle until I get an absolute answer.

    SDHS Student Materials Collection

    To close out the year, students will need to return their school issued laptop devices, textbooks, library books, class sets, athletic uniforms, chorus formalwear, and band music on Monday, May 18th and Wednesday, May 20th from 10:00AM - 1:00PM.  School personnel will be available both days to collect items via curbside. Because of graduation planning, band Instruments are not being collected at this time. Please note failure to return a laptop device or power adapter will result in a fee issued by KCS Technology Department.  Students enrolled in summer school or planning to take AP course exams will return their laptop devices at a later date. Because the drop off point for each is in a different location, see the attached images in your email or our website for more details about drop off.


    Students who are still working to improve grades must have all work completed by May 18th. Final grades will be posted on May 21st!

    I expect more updated news from the superintendent’s office later in the week and will pass this along to you at that time.

    Grace and peace be with you all!