• Covid-19 Update #6 (5/05/2020)

    Senior parents & students,

    The district has given us guidance and graduation caps & gowns will be distributed from South-Doyle High School next week. The dates / times are:

    Monday May 11th 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

    Wednesday May 13th 1:00 – 2:00 PM

    We have received most of our orders that have been placed, but not all has been ordered, delivered or paid for to be released. By Wednesday noon, I will post an updated notice on the web-site indicating the status of what we have and whether it has been paid in full or not. The reason I include this, is that we are not allowed to do financial transactions for graduation supplies at the school as this would have to be handled with Balfour and their reps. I have included their contact information (below) to clear any balances or place any orders for future delivery. I will have future dates to pick up the rest of the supplies distributed prior to graduation activities. You may check the list each day up until Monday morning to see if your stuff is ready for pick-up. This is important info, so I do not waste your time or a trip to school if it is not available yet.

    Just a couple of guidelines to follow the day of distribution:

    1. Caps & Gowns will only be given to the student or parent of the student.  Friends will not be allowed to pick up supplies for one another. Parents may have to show ID.
    2. Distribution will be organized in the same manner that band instruments, food and packets were distributed. Students will pull up to the curb and give their name. We will be located at the main entrance on main campus. The supplies will be brought to the car and the student will then leave. If there are any problems with the order, the student will contact the supplier.  No students or family members may get out of vehicle during distribution. Everyone will exit campus by the tennis courts.


    Balfour Contact Info

    New Orders – www.balfour.com

    Pay Balances at Balfour  – www.balfourtnva.com

    Balfour Questions – email: balfourtnva.com

    Finally, the superintendent has indicated the district has finalized decisions regarding graduation ceremonies for all high schools and he will make a formal announcement to all parents and students about his decision at some point this week. Please be looking for that important message soon!

    Everyone have a great evening. Grace and peace be with you all!

    Click the image below for more information about cap and gown pick up. 
    cap and gown