• Covid-19 Update #3 (4/9/2020)

    South-Doyle High Parent Update:

    This afternoon, the State Board of Education passed a number of emergency rules and procedures relating to the COVID-19 closure. The district will now draft expectations for us with regard to graduation credit requirements and grading. That may be a few days away, but I can say that I have met online with my leadership team and given them guidance with regard to makeup work. Any work completed prior to March 12th will be allowed to be made up and I have asked our teachers to provide opportunities for students to elevate their current scores from past work, just in case the decision is made to end school for the year and current grades are accepted. This is certainly a district decision now, but we want to make sure if this is a reality, our students had opportunities to improve their grades. It is imperative that our students are checking their emails regularly, as now, teachers are reaching out to them. By tomorrow morning, we will post a schedule on our school web-site for when every teacher will be holding online classes, which will be three one-hour sessions per week. Again, this makeup work is voluntary, but may be very essential to increasing your child’s grades. Our teachers are still on contract and will be diligently providing opportunities and being available to their kids. Please set structured times for your kids to take advantage of these opportunities to improve their current grades before time potentially runs out. Students who are not on track to graduate have already started their credit recovery classes online with Edgenuity, so for those seniors, please make good use of this time to catch up so you can receive your diploma.

    Graduation Caps & Gowns
    The graduation caps and gowns were delivered to the school on Monday and I have requested a date for pick up from our seniors. The district is likely to choose a date when all schools have received theirs as well. I promise to get this date to you as soon as it is approved.

    1010 Forms
    Any students needing their 1010 forms for their drivers permit / license, needs to contact Karla Mikels. (karla.mikels@knoxschools.org)

    Student Emails
    If your child is struggling to log into their student email accounts, you may email our technology coach, Matthew Davidson (Matthew.davidson@knoxschools.org) and he will be happy to help!

    Campus Use
    I am getting regular calls from school security that we have students accessing our campus facilities. Some just have cabin fever and are trying to get out, but we have some who are jumping the fence/breaching the gate and accessing facilities. I posted signs on Monday, indicating the superintendents directive and more serious consequences for being on campus without permission. I also added locks to the tennis courts to prevent them from being accessed. School Security is monitoring each campus closely through video surveillance and I have asked them to dispatch officers from this point forward. Parents, I am asking you to communicate the importance of staying home and certainly not trying to access campus unless it is for meal distributions on Monday and Wednesdays.

    I expect the next update to have some very important details surrounding graduation requirements, remaining school calendar, current class grades future instruction, etc. I imagine this will come after our holiday break, so please expect for me to reconnect with you again early next week. Again, encourage your kids to check their emails and connect with their teachers to improve their current grades. As always, my thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you all and please have a safe and healthy holiday weekend.

    Grace and peace be with you all!