• Robot Image West Valley Robotics 
    Do you love to build, program, and problem solve?  West Valley has two competitive robotics teams and encourages students to use the engineering design process to solve a new problem each year.
    This team is open to (10-12) 8th grade students from Sept-Feb, where 5-6 students make up each team. 
    Robotics meets on Monday's from 3:30-5 and attendance is mandatory.  There are opportunities for students to meet after school before competitions on occassion and it is expected that teams work outside of school meeting times on their projects.
    Teacher recommendation from a 7/8th grade core content area is required as well as an outside, non-academic recommendation is required.   Students will be interviewed by club sponsor (Ms. Allen) and will sign behavior and academic contracts.   An interest meeting for robotics will be held in the Fall of 2020 and interested students can come talk about what the problem is for next year.  Selections will be made by September and students will be notified and sent home with parent permission forms.  More information can be found online at Vex EDR Robotics.
    There is a one-time fee for each student to pay for competitions, shirts, team registration, and equipment in the amount of $150.00 (and is possible to change if needed).  Travel to and from competitions is not provided and arrangements must be made by parent/guardians.  Tournaments are on Saturdays from 7/8 am to 4/5 pm and we travel to Bristol, Chattanooga, Nashville, and around Knoxville to attend competitions.  Students that have prior conflicts are not required to attend all meets, but it is encouraged to attend if you can to help your team.
    Please contact Erica.allen2@knoxschools.org with questions.