Scan the QR code above to apply online.  In case the QR code is not working, here is the link to the online Google Form 

    https://forms.gle/65yHJW5BjNnJXbKx5 You can also download the paper copy; although, if possible, I would prefer you complete the digital version.

    Tech Team at Bearden Middle School

    The Tech Team at Bearden Middle helps to support the school's

    1:1 initiative.  Bearden Middle is one of only two schools in the

    county to be able to give all its students an iPad to be used

    for instructional purposes throughout the year. 


    Tech Team is an enrichment class; it replaces an elective. Students on Tech Team report to Mrs. Pace in the library at their assigned class time.  

    Students receive a grade in this enrichment course, based on their completion of a year long digital project in which they read and research a technology topic of choice.  Students will present these digital projects at the end of the year at a special event held in the BMS library.  The event is called Tech Team Exploration Night and is typically held one evening after school in May.  Teachers, administrators, classmates, and family are all welcome to attend.  

    Students assist Mrs. Pace, the school's TPaCK, Mr. Shedden, the BLTC, and Ms. Evans, the supervisor of Help Desk, in a multitude of ways.  During Device Deployment in August Tech Team members are especially busy.  In mid-May TT also helps with Device Collection.  Throughout the year TT members troubleshoot a variety of technology issues both for teachers and for students.  TT members help to organize, scan, inventory, and track the school's devices.  The Tech Team also assists with MakerSpace instruction as a teacher's aide.  Additionally, they help to prep and clean the MakerSpace area before and after a MakerSpace lesson.  

    In order to be on Tech Team, students must:

    • apply and be accepted.    
    • be a rising 7th or 8th grade student. 
    • maintain a B average.
    • be recommended by the BMS staff.
Last Modified on May 2, 2019