• Recreational Marijuana

    Posted by R.C. on 11/8/2018


         Marijuana is a “drug” in today's world that nearly everyone has smoked at some point in their lives. Many people are very much against this plant; claiming nonsense about it to keep it illegal. In reality, this plant has many wonderful benefits for medical use and recreational. Teenagers and adults alike all across the world smoke marijuana in their free time for the benefits it gives or even to have harmless fun with friends.

         Marijuana has many great benefits for every consumer. Mary Jane as some call it has been around for tens of thousands of years. It wasn't until the 1960’s that the government decided it was a harmful drug. While in reality marijuana has zero known health risks unlike cigarettes and alcohol which are legal. Marijuana has been used by doctors for years to aid in medical practices.  "smoking marijuana can be beneficial for emphysema, and can be used as a handy way to induce dry mouth before dental operations.”(Herald-Leader) Our government only keeps this herb illegal because they cannot find an effective way to make any money off of it. But many states have legalized this plant and are making lot of money for schools and road maintenance.

         Thankfully, Colorado is one state that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This state realized this plant isn't as bad as the government claims it is.” Colorado teens between 12 and 17 years old reported a nearly 12% drop in marijuana use just two years after adult use was legalized, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. [39][40]” (Once the state legalized all uses of this plant, teen consumption has dropped drastically as colorado has put into effect laws to stop underage consumption. Also marijuana increases tax revenue by a huge margin. “In Colorado, $40 million of marijuana tax revenue went to public school construction, while $105 million went to housing programs, mental health programs in jails, and health programs in middle schools in 2016-2017. [51][52]”  The colorado government has went down a path that has increased tax revenue and decreased underage use.

         Therefore many governments have placed laws in place to keep marijuana usage under control. Many of the problems people run into is “drugged driving”. But as studies have shown marijuana doesn't have negative effects on driving. “That is, unlike alcohol users, who underestimate the effect of alcohol on driving skills and engage in risky driving behavior, such as driving faster and more aggressively, marijuana users overestimate the drug's effect and compensate by driving more slowly, passing less frequently, and spacing their cars further from other vehicles by increasing their following distance. (97)” Marijuana has been proven it actually improves people's driving ability as it makes them remain calm and follow laws more than normal.

         In Conclusion, Recreational marijuana should be legalized as it has no adverse effects. The plant helps people much more than it hurts them. The plant allows people to relax, remain calm, and aids in driving abilities. The current laws and restrictions need to be lifted as many innocent people are being arrested for consuming or possessing this harmless plant that has been around for thousands of years. Why have we allowed this plant to gain such a negative image when its actually harmless?

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  • If I Could Be Anything

    Posted by D.H. on 11/7/2018

    The topic of my blog post is If you could do anything, what would you do? And now this is an easy topic to answer with an easy answer. Most people want to be rich, others want to have incredible powers, and others would want the world. However there are some who just want the simpler things in life. And then there’s people like me who want something slightly peculiar.


    If I could do anything in the world, get super powers, take over the world, be the richest man in the world. Then I would want to do one simple thing. I’d want to graduate high school and become a welder. Now the reason being is that if I graduate high school I won’t need to go to school ever again. And not only that I’d have all the requirements to become a welding apprentice. Not only that the average apprentice gets paid anywhere from 10 to 15 dollars an hour. That’s enough to make a living off of without the Gov. Helping you. Not only that when you’re a Novice welder your garneted that $15 to $20 an hour. And when you’re a master welder not only do you get a cool title you work seven days a week for around seven to ten hours. Now it is hard work however I enjoy hard work. Not only that that’s almost a pay roll of $1,400 a week at least! I could start my own family and have an average life with that and not worry about being in debt. And if I wanted too I could make it a family business and make sure that for generations to come my offspring have the same great job.


    Next not only does the job pay well, it also has some good benefits the longer you stay. Sure it may be dangerous but it pays well and it has good benefits. Not only that welding has a vast selection of sub-welding jobs, and if you did the basic welding your qualified for almost 90% of the welding area so if your current field is not busy you can go to a different one and pick up some work there so you’ll always get paid and there’s always something that needs to be worked on. Now why do I want this job so much? Because I’m almost guaranteed a Job for it. Now while most people looking for welding jobs would go to college and get basic training and sign up with a Master welder, Most master welders will accept people fresh out of high school and without prior knowledge heck most Masters want to teach newbies. So while you could get basic training in college and get a higher ranking master, and some school debt on the side, you could also just go to the union and find a master willing to take some fresh meat in.


    Lastly If I could do this, I could also get out of my mother’s home earlier than getting any other job that’s not being a doctor. I can also raise a family easily with the money I would make. And that’s a big thing for me because I want to start my own family and branch off from my own. With the occasional visit from my old family, and my new family is basically my life long goal to achieve. So in conclusion if I could do anything in the world, it would be to graduate high school and become a welding master.

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  • Do you want kids when you get older?

    Posted by K.L. on 9/11/2018

                    I think I would want about 2-3 kids when I get older. I would be a good mom, care about my kids and teach them not to get in any trouble. I want my kids to grow up go from pre-k to college then graduate and have an amazing job and a nice family.

                    Before I have kids I would want to graduate high school and go to college. I want my first kid when I’m about 19-20. I want to have 2 girls and a boy or 2 boys and a girl. I would love to have a great paying job so when my kids wants or needs anything I could provide it. I want my kids to have friends and have fun while they are young.

                    In conclusion I think I would love to have kids so I could have a happy life and come home to something meaningful to me and laugh and love. I know my kids will listen to me I will always have their back through whatever they are going through. I will not fight or argue in front of my kids. I want my kids to focus on school and live like a child should live.

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  • My Trip to Fort Dickerson Quarry

    Posted by D.M. on 8/30/2018

          Many people try new things every day. I’m a fan of new and different things. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky so I like to do things that push my limits. I’m always up to try something new and exhilarating as long as it won’t kill me. Like this one time my friend Owen and I went to the quarry at Fort Dickerson, and it was my first time in any quarry. Little did I know, he planned on us jumping off of the cliff. This is my story.

          We got in my truck and drove down to the parking area for the quarry. We then got out and began walking down to the quarry. My heart was pounding with anticipation. Once we found a place to put our stuff, we both walked to the edge of the 15 foot cliff. I thought to myself, “No problem”, and leapt out over the edge. I splashed into the water and swam back to land. Owen was waiting at the edge of the cliff, and when I got to him he said “I’m not jumping off the baby cliff, I’m going to the 35.” I walked with him and watched him jump. He hit the water so hard and splashed everywhere. I even recorded it in slow motion. He expected me to jump after him, but I was not about to do that. I value my life. I changed back into my street clothes and we left.

         I’m an adrenaline junkie. I love risky activities. However, jumping off a 35 foot cliff on my first trip to a quarry is not for me. I’ll stick to the 15.  I’m always down to try new and exciting things. It makes me feel truly alive, but jumping from a 35 foot cliff is just scary regardless.

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  • Do You Want to Have Kids When You Get Older?

    Posted by D.L. on 8/30/2018


                 My family always said they see me with kids when I get older, my parents always said they saw me with three kids. I never enjoyed kids especially in public places.

                I feel like there are a lot of parents who do not pay attention to whenever their kids are crying or screaming. I feel like if I ever wanted kids I would be a good mom. I would put them before anyone, and I would let them know that they are loved. I’ve always wondered what kind of mom I would be. I’m overprotective over my sister, so I believe I would be extra protective with my kids.

                I sometimes wonder about how my kids would act. I sometimes think about the arguments at home with hem if they came home late from a party or not. I would like to have kids someday but not sure if I want them just yet. That’s something I would look into when the right time comes.

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