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    Teacher of the Year Winners

    Knox County Schools honored nearly 200 teachers during its 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year celebration at the Knoxville Convention Center on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018. The event was sponsored by LifeTouch and Partners in Education.

    The Teacher of the Year celebration is held each year to recognize outstanding educators from Knox County Schools. To be considered, a candidate must be a full-time, certified PreK-12 teacher who has taught five or more years and spends the majority of the day instructing students. Candidates must also show dedication to teaching and possess a variety of positive personal attributes. School-level recipients are nominated by their colleagues for this annual award and the number of recipients per school is determined by the number of faculty at the school.

    From the group of school-level winners, the following three Knox County Teacher of the Year recipients were selected using the Tennessee Department of Education guidelines:

    Congratulations to our three school-level winners who represent the best of Knox County Schools!
    Madison Synder  
    Madison Snyder

    Bonny Kate Elementary School

    Ms. Snyder has been teaching with KCS since 2014. She has served as a Canvas Summer Camp Counselor, a technology trainer, a mentor teacher and as a team leader. She has also served such groups as Girls on the Run of Greater Knoxville and Camp Ba Yo Ca and served in many volunteer roles for her school’s PTA.
    JT Hicks
    J.T. Hicks

    Cedar Bluff Middle School

    Mr. Hicks has been teaching for 12 years and has been with Knox County Schools since 2012. In that time, he has served as a Mentor Teacher, a Team Leader and as a member of the Principal Advisory Committee. He has also been recognized as a Lexus Leader of Knoxville, as a two-time Tennessee Lottery State Educator of the Month and a two-time WBIR Educator of the Week. He serves as a science bowl coach, youth basketball coach and as a show design and percussion consultant to both Wartburg High School and Karns High School.
    Bryan Schultz
    Bryan Schultz

    L&N STEM Academy

    Mr. Schultz has been teaching for 10 years and has served as the Science Department Chair, as a member of the UTK Earth & Planetary Sciences Advisory Board, on the National Honor Society Committee and the Staff Development Committee. He has been recognized as a teacher of the year honoree in previous years and is responsible for creating the L&N STEM Advisory Board.
  • Grades Pre-K-4th Honorees

    Kathy Alexander – A. L. Lotts Elementary
    Stephanie Jones – A. L. Lotts Elementary
    Leanne Butler – Adrian Burnett Elementary
    Jessi Huemmer – Amherst Elementary
    Charcee Day – Amherst Elementary 
    Debbie Wells – Ball Camp Elementary
    Lee Ann Parker – Bearden Elementary
    Jennifer Arnold – Beaumont Magnet Academy
    Leslie Lane-Wilson – Beaumont Magnet Academy
    Angela Patrick – Belle Morris Elementary
    Victoria Winkle – Blue Grass Elementary
    Kerstin Kilgo Sisco – Blue Grass Elementary
    Madison Snyder – Bonny Kate Elementary
    Angie Cox – Brickey-McCloud Elementary
    Brittney Barnett – Brickey-McCloud Elementary
    Jessica Covington-Brehm – Brickey-McCloud Elementary
    Kelly Schippers – Cedar Bluff Elementary
    Kelly Coffey – Cedar Bluff Elementary
    Melissa McMurry – Cedar Bluff Preschool
    Stephanie Tapscott – Christenberry Elementary
    Adam Maitland – Christenberry Elementary
    Brianne Roberts – Copper Ridge Elementary
    Melissa Warden – Corryton Elementary
    Tracey Thompson – Dogwood Elementary
    Tiffany Corum – Dogwood Elementary
    Beverly Douglas – East Knox County Elementary
    Tracy Shelley – Fair Garden Family Center
    Kristi Gallaher – Farragut Intermediate
    Andrea Roman – Farragut Intermediate
    Sabrena Crawford – Farragut Primary
    Danielle Richardson – Farragut Primary
    Abbe Tegzes – Fort Sanders Educational Development Center
    Jennifer Merryman – Fountain City Elementary
    Sally Cunningham – Gibbs Elementary
    Ashley Blackburn – Hardin Valley Elementary
    Amy Leigh Bensey – Hardin Valley Elementary
    Taylor Johnson – Hardin Valley Elementary
    Crishen Willams – Inskip Elementary
    Mary F. Bates – Inskip Elementary
    Nova Grove – Karns Elementary
    Laura Lee Thompson – Karns Elementary
    Shannon Kuneman – Karns Elementary
    Julie Ann Lowe – Lonsdale Elementary
    Kerry Memory – Lonsdale Elementary
    Elyse Trovillo – Mooreland Heights Elementary
    Appen Lee – Mount Olive Elementary
    Shelley Morales – New Hopewell Elementary
    Julie Williamson – Northshore Elementary
    Alyssa Jordan Hill – Northshore Elementary
    Morgan B. Winchell – Pleasant Ridge Elementary
    Blair Harrison – Pond Gap Elementary
    Cynthia McGrail – Powell Elementary
    Suzanne Hammonds – Ridgedale School
    Shirley Jones James – Ritta Elementary
    Bethany Sharp – Ritta Elementary
    Holly Pace – Rocky Hill Elementary
    Ashleigh G. Obst – Rocky Hill Elementary
    Porscha Settlemyer – Sam E. Hill Family Community Center
    Whitney N. Blaylock – Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy
    Bryan K. Milsap – Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy
    Debbi Booth – Sequoyah Elementary
    Holly Whittle – Shannondale Elementary
    Julie Cabbage – South Knoxville Elementary
    Edward A. Moore – Spring Hill Elementary
    Jenn Sheridan – Spring Hill Elementary
    Tammy Clark – Sunnyview Primary
    Martha Mays – West Haven Elementary
    Hedy Collins – West Hills Elementary
    Brian King – West Hills Elementary
    Patrick Pollock – West View Elementary

  • Grades 5th-8th Honorees

    Mark Jones – Adrian Burnett Elementary
    Maureen Schenk – Bearden Middle
    Florence B. Fillers – Bearden Middle
    Gary A. Meade – Bearden Middle
    Amy Meredith – Carter Elementary
    Jennifer N. Webb – Carter Middle
    Gregory Green – Carter Middle
    Nathan Hone – Carter Middle
    Betty Jones – Cedar Bluff Elementary
    Michelle Best – Cedar Bluff Middle
    J. T. Hicks – Cedar Bluff Middle
    Kim Lee – Chilhowee Intermediate
    Christa Smith – Dogwood Elementary
    Sherin Linsley – East Knox County Elementary
    Dacia L. Maxwell-Hix – Farragut Intermediate
    Tammie Letsinger – Farragut Middle
    Janet Pfeifer – Farragut Middle
    Trudy Rogers – Farragut Middle
    Randy Swartzentruber – Farragut Middle
    Rebecca Sellers – Gap Creek Elementary
    Todd Clapp – Gibbs Elementary
    Erica Latia Sutton – Green Magnet Academy
    Ani Roma – Gresham Middle
    Amanda Marie Wilson – Gresham Middle
    Lucius Irvin – Gresham Middle
    Sherri Roberts – Halls Elementary
    Bonnie Bentley – Halls Elementary
    Richard Lee - Halls Middle
    Cynthia Allen Yeary – Halls Middle
    Scott Taylor – Halls Middle
    Damien Molchany – Holston Middle
    August Askins – Holston Middle
    Lindsey M. Parks – Holston Middle
    Katie Bachor – K.A.E.C.
    Greg Bradford – Karns Elementary
    Paige Ewing – Karns Middle
    Terri Griffith Gilbert – Karns Middle
    Bethany Mincey – Karns Middle
    Brandon White – Karns Middle
    Katrina Aponte – Maynard Elementary
    Elisha Noe – Northwest Middle
    Cheryl A. Robertson – Northwest Middle
    Amy Trabold – Northwest Middle
    Dulci L. Whitefield – Northwest Middle
    T.J. Eubanks – Norwood Elementary
    Dawn McKelvey – Powell Elementary
    Kristen Farley – Powell Middle
    Steve Waugh – Powell Middle
    Jennifer Moylan – Powell Middle
    Amy Crisp – Ridgedale School
    Amanda Rigell – South-Doyle Middle
    Anyssa Blackburn – South-Doyle Middle
    Lisa Lusby – South-Doyle Middle
    Sarah Shoesmith – Sterchi Elementary
    Caitlin Long – Vine Middle Magnet
    Sarah Lyle – Vine Middle Magnet
    Janet Getz – West Valley Middle
    Amanda Varnes – West Valley Middle
    Ami Lynn Coleman – West Valley Middle
    Ledell Maynor – Whittle Springs Middle
    Jamie Lynn Cofer Stapleton – Whittle Springs Middle

  • Grades 9th-12th Honorees

    Lindsay Davis – Austin-East Magnet High
    Pjaye Clark – Austin-East Magnet High
    Kara Glenn – Austin-East Magnet High
    Bob Savery – Bearden High
    Anna Halliwell Boyd – Bearden High
    Tammy McKibben – Bearden High
    Wes Anderson – Bearden High
    Sandy Hughes – Bearden High
    Gilbert Cruz – Byington-Solway C.T.E.C.
    Brandon Vickers – Career Magnet Academy
    Beth Haun – Carter High
    Marcia Fawver – Carter High
    Emily Davenport – Carter High
    Bethany Ward – Central High
    Shanda Anderson – Central High
    Heather Koehler – Central High
    Chris Hammond – Central High
    Karen Lynn – Farragut High
    Laura Smithey – Farragut High
    Chelsea Osborne – Farragut High
    Angela Breeding – Farragut High
    Rachel McKay Kelso – Farragut High
    Theresa Davis – Fulton High
    Megan Schneider – Fulton High
    Catherine Venable – Fulton High
    Sharon McGhee – Fulton High
    Michael Coppinger – Gibbs High
    Will Brimer – Gibbs High
    Greg Burnette – Gibbs High
    Trina Mouser Polston – Halls High
    Jennifer Galloway – Hardin Valley Academy
    Candace L. Farrow – Hardin Valley Academy
    Cory Minzyk – Hardin Valley Academy
    Joe Michalski – Hardin Valley Academy
    Amanda Wash – Hardin Valley Academy
    Bethany Burnette – Karns High
    Kathy Stover – Karns High
    Al Feldblum – Karn High
    Anne Hudnall – Karns High
    Marcia P. Southern – Kelley Volunteer Academy
    Misty Brown – L&N STEM Academy
    Bryan Schultz – L&N STEM Academy
    Kalya Cancemi – Powell High
    Jim Kennedy – Powell High
    Emly Lanius – Powell High
    Chris Milligan – Powell High
    David Farmer – Richard Yoakley School
    Chad D. Hensley – South-Doyle High
    Angela Taylor – South-Doyle High
    Angela T. Fowler – South-Doyle High
    Kimberley Nixon – South-Doyle High
    Hannah Roy – West High
    Nathaniel Scott – West High
    Jessica Lee – West High
    Paul Bowers – West High