CHS 3D Print & Modeling Club 2021-2022 

     Earn your 3D Print & Modeling Certificate! Create and Print 3D objects! 




     3D artist also known as a 3D modeling or 3D computer graphics designer. - process of developing 3D objects using specialized software such as tinkercad, blender, sketchup, ect…

    3D print artist - turning 3D models from software into real 3D objects. (size is limited due to printers max specs.) Get trained and Certified on Centrals PRUSA MK3 printer and print your work!

     Printer technician - general upkeep of the printer and document records of service is the main role. Fix or replace part if needed.

    Project Manager / Team leader - Manage print job such as scheduling who can print and what to print. If teachers need something printed lead member roles. 

    Students Sign up here 

    Once completion of the year, students will get a certificate of completion with the following. Roles in the club and hours of completion . Students may work more from home to increase hours as needed. Can apply experience to resume!

      For more info email michael.fox@knoxschools.org

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    Lead teacher Mr. Fox