• Literary History Research Guide 


    This guide is intended to streamline the research process when searching for information on literary history. Included you will find suggested Dewey numbers to locate print resources in the library, links to online databases and web sites, and suggested keyword searches. Please consult your librarian if you need additional reference help.  

Suggested Dewey Numbers

  • In both the reference and the nonfiction section, the majority of the relevant works will be found in the 800s Dewey range. Relevant eBooks can also be found by searching the library catalog. Ask your librarian for help if needed. 

Suggested Keyword Searches

  • By now you should know which literary period you will be studying. This is where you will begin your search. 
    Renaissance Literature
    The Enlightenment*
    Victorian Literature  
    * = you might want to include the word "literature" in your keyword search to get more refined results
    As you uncover more information about the period of literary history you are researching, identify additional keywords that might be helpful in your search such as noted authors from the time period.
    General Search Tips:
    Use "Advanced Search" to get more refined results. Here you have the option of using Boolean operators. Using "NOT" in your search will exclude unwanted information. Using "AND" will include results that include all the words in your search. Using "OR" will include results that contain either of your search terms. For more information on conducting advanced searches see your librarian.