Welcome to the Library Writing Center!

  • Students can make an appointment to receive help with any part of the writing process.  One of the librarians will work with students on everything from brainstorming to making the final revisions. 
    If you are a virtual student, please email us for an appointment or call the library directly. We will set up a virtual meeting on Teams, or you can drop in on our regular virtual office hours (TBA). 539-7800 x71331
    Writing Resources:
    • The Perdue O.W.L. (Online Writing Lab) is a great resource for all things writing, especially formatting citations.
    • For help with the basic elements of writing, grammar, and mechanics, check out our Writing Manual.
    • All students at BHS are expected to uphold the high standards of academic honesty and integrity found in our Honor Code.


    The BHS Writing Center is officially located on the lower left side of the library, but the physical space is available only to teachers during Fall 2020 due to COVID restrictions. (You can still make an appointment to see us!) As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us...we're here to help!

    Mrs. Heffern - kristen.heffern@knoxschools.org 

    Mrs. Davis - amy.davis2@knoxschools.org

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