• We realize that many people are unable to make our community Insight Sessions. As a result, we’re happy to come to you! To get as much feedback for Knox Schools 2020, we are working with schools, nonprofits, after-school organizations, parent associations, and churches to coordinate small informal Insight Sessions – we’re calling them Chatterboxes – that ask the same three questions, “What’s Good?” “What’s Not?” and “What’s Next?”

    The Chatterboxes roughly fall into 3 categories:
    • Staff Chatterboxes: Our dedicated KCS staff, which includes individuals both within the Central Office and at school sights, shared their visions for Knox Schools 2020. You can find their insights here.
    • Student Chatterboxes: We consider our students one of our most critical stakeholders and no five-year strategic plan should be created within their important insight. Here's what they’ve said.
    • Parent Chatterboxes: Parents and families have important insights about the current status of KCS and its future direction. You can read their insights here.