About Us

  • We are committed to creating a transparent, inclusive and accountable public process to solicit input into the development of our next five-year strategic plan. To help with this effort, we are excited to enlist the expertise of a diverse and committed group of collaborators who are have a shared investment in continuing to accelerate the progress of every child in Knox County Schools.

Working Committee

  • Dr. Elizabeth Alves – Chief Academic Officer
    Morgan Camu – Director of Strategic Planning
    Ginnae Harley – Director of Federal Programs 
    Melissa Massie – Executive Director of Student Support Services
    Dr. Jim McIntyre – Superintendent of Schools
    Ron McPherson – Chief Financial Officer
    Russ Oaks – Chief of Staff
    Melissa Ogden – Director of Public Affairs
    Millicent Smith – Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction & PD
    Bob Thomas – Assistant Superintendent
    Nakia Towns – Chief Accountability Officer

Steering Committee