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    College Visit Procedures

    The BEST way to determine if a school is a good fit is to visit the campus. Use school breaks and weekends to see more, or to go back for a more in-depth look. Below is the BHS procedure regarding College visit days.


    Juniors are allowed TWO college visit days.

    Seniors are allowed THREE college visit days.

    *Additional days may approved by the Principal

    Students are responsible for all required make-up work. 

     During the visit, secure documentation of the visit from the college in order for that visit to not count against any grade/attendance incentives.

    NOTE: Many colleges have an official absence from school letter. If a college does not provide their own, have them complete the Bearden College Visit Verification Letter.

    Within five (5) school days following the visit, return documentation of the college visit to the College & Career Center (next to the Guidance Office).