August:  Introductions

    • Welcome back to school classroom lessons.
    • Newbie small groups for all new students in 1st and 2nd grades.
    • I'm Mrs. Wright and this is why I'm here.

    Help your Heart   

    September: Growth Mindset

    • All grades learned that their brain works like a muscle in which they can train. 
    • Kindergarten followed the story of Mojo from Class Dojo resources to expand upon this concept. 
    • First graders identify barriers that inhibit growth. 
    • Second graders will develop goals for this year based on the growth mindset model. 

     Growth Mindset

    October: Accepting Differences

    • All grades learned that we can accpet others regardless of how different we are. 
    • Kindergarten followed the story of Red:A Crayon's Story to create awareness of our differences. 
    • First graders compared their life to the story they heard in Ruby's Wish while utilizing critical thinking skills. 
    • Second graders begin to identify ways to get along with others in spite of differences through Kelso's Choices. 

    Accepting Differences  

    November: Problem-Solving

    • All grades learned about Kelso's Choices, nine strategies used to solve small problems:
      • Wait and Cool Off
      • Walk Away
      • Go to Another Game
      • Talk it Out
      • (Please) Tell Them to Stop
      • Make a Deal
      • Apologize
      • Ignore
      • Share and Take Turns  

    Problem Solver

    December: Personal Safety

    • All grades learned that we are the boss of our own body.
    • We keep ourselves safe by saying No, Going away from the unsafe situation, and Telling an adult we trust. 

    Boss of my Body