• Dear New Families,

     It is our pleasure to welcome you and your family to Gresham Middle School.  The mission of Gresham Middle School is to develop responsible, life long learners by encouraging all students to reach their potential.  We have over 800 students and 75 staff members at our school this year.  We look forward to getting to know you and your child.  

    • https://www.knoxschools.org/greshamms



    There are many ways to get involved in your child’s school including, visiting our school website, watching the GNN News available on YouTube, following GMS Twitter, and participating in the PTSO and The Gresham Middle School Foundation. 


    PTSO stands for Parent Teacher Student Organization and their main goal is to support the staff and students at Gresham.  The PTSO offers volunteer opportunities throughout the year, which is a great way to get to know the teachers, staff and fellow parents/caregivers in our community.  You may not know this, but you are automatically a member of the PTSO because of a generous $5,000 donation from the GMS Foundation that covers PTSO membership fees for all parents.  Because of that $5000 donation, the PTSO does not have to promote fundraisers.  The funds from the GMS Foundation have afforded us the opportunity to financially support our students, families, staff, and school.  

    • Gresham Middle School PTSO
      • President: Betsy Castleberry
      • email: betsycastleberry@gmail.com



     The GMS Foundation is a charitable organization comprised of a group of dedicated volunteer parents, staff members, and Fountain City community leaders.  One of the primary goals of the Foundation is to promote academic excellence at Gresham Middle School by raising funds that provide opportunities for students and the faculty that otherwise would not be available.  The GMS Foundation is always striving to improve our school and continually looking for more involvement from the Gresham families and community members.  We encourage our families to make monetary donations as well as giving their time to serve our school.  You will find a message from the Foundation on the following page.

     Below you will find a list of websites and contact information that will help you get connected.

    • The Gresham Middle School Foundation
      • http://www.greshammiddleschoolfoundation.org/about-us.html
      • President: Seth Grossman
      • email: Seth.grossman@takeda.com



    We have prepared a list of clubs and sports that are typically offered at Gresham Middle School.  As you know, the 2020-21 school year is not a traditional year and there are several new guidelines in place to protect our students and community.   Some of our clubs and sports may not be taking place this year as a result of Covid 19 restrictions.  Here is a list of clubs and sports we have had in the past.  We encourage your child to be an active and social member of our school.

    • Art Club
      • Gilot
      • Email: lucie.gilot@knoxschools.org
    • Beta Club
      • Adamcik
      • Email: bob.adamcik@knoxschools.org 
    • Band
      • Greene
      • Email: nathaniel.greene@knoxschools.com
    • Chorus
      • Reeves
      • Email: michele.reeves@knoxschools.org
    • GNN News
      • Wagner
      • Email: trafton.wagner@knoxschools.org  
    • Project U
      • Butler
      • Email: tara.butler@knoxschools.org
    • Robotics Club
      • Wagner
      • Email: trafton.wagner@knoxschools.org
    • Student Council
      • Letsinger
      • Email: kristi.letsinger@knoxschools.org
    • Teens for Christ
      • Sampsel
      • Email: joel.sampsel@knoxschools.org
    • Baseball
      • Justin Bowser
      • Email: justinbowser@comcast.net
    • Basketball Girls
      • Barkely
      • Email: christopher.barkley@knoxschools.org
    • Basketball Boys
      • Sampsel
      • Email: joel.sampsel@knoxschools.org
    • Cheer
      • Lynch
      • Email: jamie.lynch@knoxschools.org
    • Cross Country /Track
      • Coach Barkley
      • Email: christopher.barkley@knoxschools.org
      • Coach Cate
      • Email: tyler.cate@knoxschools.org
    • Soccer
      • Chris Castleberry
      • Email: castleberry4567@gmail.com
      • Search “Gresham Middle School Soccer” on Facebook or facebook@greshamsoccer 
    • Swim
      • Monica Wilson
      • Email: monicacleans@gmail.com