• April 2021 Community Meeting

    The Disparities in Educational Outcomes Steering Committee will host a community meeting at Fulton High School on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. At this meeting, Superintendent Bob Thomas will discuss the next phase of the DEO’s work, and breakout sessions will focus on topics including Academics; Personnel; Special Education and ELL; School Culture and the Ombudsman; Discipline; and Communications.

    The meeting will also be livestreamed, although the breakout sessions will not be available virtually. In-person attendees must adhere to COVID-19 protocols, including masks.

    » Presentation

    » Action Steps Summary

    » Breakout notes

  • Steering Committee Members

    The Disparities in Educational Outcomes’ Steering Committee is made up of members of the original Task Force as well as other community, governmental and educational leaders. Its charge is to:

    • Review progress, discuss issues and refine efforts
    • Identify and include additional stakeholder perspectives and expertise to include subcommittee working groups
    • Evaluate outcomes and ensure public accountability and transparency
    • Regularly solicit input from the community, follow up on concerns and communicate frequently with Knox County Schools leadership to address issues.

    Current Members

    Tomma Battle – Co-chair
    Parent Representative

    Rosa Mar – Co-chair
    Community Representative

    Rev. John Butler
    Community member

    Tammi Campbell
    Knox County Schools

    Janice Cook
    Knox County Schools

    Jered Croom
    Parent Representative

    Stacy Eckard
    Knox County Juvenile Court

    Josh Flory
    Knox County Schools

    Coral Getino
    Parent Representative

    Brian Hartsell
    Knox County Schools

    Renee Kelly
    Knox County Schools

    Eric Lutton
    Knox County Public Defender

    Jason Myers
    Knox County Schools

    Phyllis Nichols
    President, Knoxville Area Urban League

    Randy Nichols
    Knox County Sheriff's Office

    Sue Ownby
    Knox County Schools

    Angela Patrick
    Teacher - Belle Morris Elementary

    Deborah Porter

    Emily Scheuneman 
    Knox County District Attorney General's Office

    Bob Thomas
    Superintendent, Knox County Schools

    Eve Thomas
    Knoxville Police Department

    Rosalyn Tillman
    Dean, Pellissippi State Community College

    Daniel Watson
    Knox County Board of Education

    Cindy White
    Principal, Gibbs Middle School

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