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Excellence for Every Child

Welcome to the Family Resource Center

Welcome to the Knox County Schools Family Resource Center. The Family Resource Center (FRC) is available to assist schools and families by 
Family Logo providing information, training and other school and community resources. The FRC works to establish strong lines of communication between home and school so families can access basic resources and receive support in developing educational and parental skills necessary to help their children achieve academic success.
Families, Schools and the Community
Working Together to Ensure
"Excellence for Every Child"

FRC services and Programs

Knox County Schools Family Resource Center Goals
  • Build each school’s individual capacity to respond to the needs of families through Family Resource Center facilitated or school-to-family direct services. 
  • Assist parents with developing and building the foundational skills necessary to support children’s learning, including academic and parenting skills. 
  • Collaborate with all schools to assist in planning family engagement activities that will be implemented by school staff.
  • Provide information and referrals, as needed, to facilitate families use of school and community resources.
  • Network with social service agencies, educational institutions, and community organizations to facilitate efficient service delivery for families without duplication of effort.
  • Emphasize family literacy at all KCS schools and provide literacy material through the Lending Library. 
  • Collaborate with Knox County Schools social workers and school counselors to serve families efficiently and effectively.

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Department Contacts

Family Resource Center
(865) 594-1192
Tracey Matthews  

Tracey Matthews Wynter, Ed.S.

Department Supervisor
(865) 594-9525 


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