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  • Knox County Adult High School is a self paced computer based educational program which allows students to obtain a Tennessee State High School Diploma based on the requirements that existed when the student attended high school.  Current standards require a student to earn 4 credits in both Math and English, and 3 credits in both Science and Social Studies.  Currently to graduate students must have 22 credits over all with two elective focus areas.


Let Knox County Adult High School Assist You In Earning A High School Diploma


Knox County Schools offers those desiring a high school diploma a non-traditional opportunity to do so. Located in Knoxville Center Mall, a convenient location, is the Knox County Adult High School.  

If you do not have a High School Diploma, please contact our office for more information regarding a life changing opportunity.
With a high school diploma more doors will be opened to allow greater opportunities for your future.   
On average, a person with a high school diploma compared to a person without a high school diploma will earn $9000 more per year.  
Contact us now:  865-594-8718 

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