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Excellence for Every Child

A Message from the Principal, Dr. John Bartlett
Bearden High School has a very strong tradition and commitment to every student that calls themselves "Bearden Bulldogs."  The successes of our students span the globe in every walk of life. As students enter the classroom area of the building from the West Mall Commons, they pass underneath a very important quote and driving motto, "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."  Therefore, our goal is to challenge and change every student everyday.  
Every year, we make a sacred covenant with our students promising that we will do the following as a school:
1. Work them academically as hard as they will ever work.
2. Prepare them for life beyond graduation.
3. Make sure they are cared for and connected to an adult that will shepherd them through their high school experience.
 In return we demand two things from every student:
1. Great effort every day
2. A fantastic attitude
These commitments serve as a recipe for success for each one of our students. 
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